Stoked to bring the 2017/2018 lineup. First up, the…

Stoked to bring the 2017/2018 lineup. First up, the “Powder Twin”

This board is designed specifically to max out the mountain. For those who are into bonking, jibbing, and jumping everything through the backcountry, this board is for you.

This is a centered stance twinish. In powder the recessed cut on the tail allows the tail to sink a bit to keep the nose atop of the fresh pow. Perfect glide. This board ride switch as well for all around powder freestyle fun.

This is a widish board. It doesn’t carry a lazy sidecut like most wide boards so it is still cuts through tight tree sections. It has an increased surface area so you can ride this board short like a park board AND it sill floats through the deep stuff.

The core is locally sourced Poplar and Maple hardwood Purchased in Rancho Cordova California. The Sintered base is super fast and USA sourced from Dayton Ohio. We make an effort to only use locally or responsibly sourced materials in all our boards.

The topsheet is a series of mirrored photography captured during our move from Wisconsin to California. The base artwork is screen printed with unique coloring on every board. No two are the same.Totally analog just letting the ink flow where it wants. Seriously amazing.

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